Baby Sagini Reveals It’s His Grandmother Who Removed His Eyes

Baby Sagini whose eyes were gouged off December last year has now released new revelations on how three attackers managed to remove out his eyes.

Sagini and his sister were testifying against three suspects in a case where the three-year-old boy’s eyes were removed in Kisii. The three suspects, Sagini’s cousin Alex Ochogo, Pacifica Nyakerario (aunt) and Rael (grandmother), are charged with causing grievous bodily harm.

The three-year-old boy has told a Kisii court that it is his grandmother Rael Nyakerario Mayaka that committed the heinous act.

Sagini, who is currently under state protection, was giving his testimony Friday before Senior Resident Magistrate Christine Ogweno of the Kisii Law Courts.

He and his sister Shantel were testifying virtually.

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