Senator Thang’wa Calls For Arrest Of Raila

Senator for Kiambu, Karungo Thang’wa has called on the National Police Service and President William Ruto to arrest Azimio la Umoja leader Raila Odinga so as to bring to an end the Azimio-led  mass protests.

While addressing the Senate on Wednesday, March 22, Thang’wa alleged that Raila was operating as if he was above the law and in the process occasioning lose of lives, property and business losses.

He said that Raila had tested the government enough and the latter needed to put him to his place to ensure the country moves on without chaos.

Karungo also undermined the style of protest by Raila and other Azimio leaders, saying that they literally took their supporters for a ride by showing up in protests from cars instead of joining them to march on foot.

“We had something that looked like a demonstration. It was not a demonstration because when people demonstrate on top of cars that is a caravan. In a demonstration you walk with your people and not sneak in with cars after they have been harmed,” Thangwa insisted.

He furtger  accused the Azimio leaders of seeking for an opportunity to harm the residents of Nairobi, Kisumu and Migori.

“Enough is enough, I want to ask Raila is above the law. I urge the police and the president to arrest the man and see what will happen. Arrest him and people will  to bed, people will move on with whatever they are doing,” the senator said.

Karungo said that Raila was the reason some people died during the Monday, March 20, protests.

“He is the reason property was lost and businesses closed. We want that man arrested and the sun will rise and set and nothing will change,” he said.


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