Jeff Mwathi’s Grandmother Curses Dj Fatxo For Alleged Grandson’s Murder

Heartbroken Jeff Mwathi’s grandmother has blamed the slow process in finding justice in the murder of her grandson.

Speaking during an interview, Jeff’s grandmother said she suspected that DJ Fatxo was bribing his way out of her grandson’s murder.

“I am pleading if he may be removed from other people’s presence,” She said.

Jeff Mwathi Who died Under Unclear Circumstances.
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The angry grandmother alleged that Fatxo is using bribes to get away from the allegations.

“He is bragging because he has money but he doesn’t know God. I do not know if he bribed his way or not.

By the way, things are being done in darkness it’s obvious something is going on,” She alleged.

She further insisted that DJ Fatxo killed the deceased, and that he might have done so for ritual purposes.

“How much does a human being cost?”She wondered.

Dj Fatxo In whose House Jeff Is Said To Had Been Before Death.
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She intimated that DJ Fatxo took photos of the deceased while he was tied and sent them to several people before Jeff grandson was thrown off the building.

Mwathi’s grandmother complained that Fatxo had even planned to fly out of the country.

“The other day I heard he wanted to fly out of the country.

I told my kids to let him go, He might escape the law but he can’t escape God.

Wherever he goes Jeff’s blood will be following him.

He will be seeing Jeff whenever he is walking.

I tell Jeff not to let him sleep. I told Jeff to ask him why he killed him.

Whenever he showers I want him to be seeing Jeff’s blood.

I pray to God that wherever Fatxo goes he is haunted by Jeff.” she cursed.

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