How Miracle Baby Has Been Battling With Illness For Nearly Five years

Musician Miracle Baby, Originally Known as Peter Mwangi has been suffering from Gastrointestinal condition for nearly five years.

His wife Carol Katrue revealed that the Gengetone rapper-turned-Mugithi singer had suffered ruptured intestines which led to a surgery.

According to her, the musician underwent first surgery in 2018 after he suffered an obstruction in his intestines.

“Hio ugonjwa ilianza 2018. Actually, 2018 ndo alifanyiwa operation yake kwanza na ilikua bado obstruction ya intestines kuna vitu zilikua zimeblock but that time ilikua growth. So akaenda hio operation ya kwanza na ikakua successful na akawa fiti,”  Carol disclosed.

She further said that her lover got well after the 2018 surgery, but his condition came back in 2020, and that they just treated Miracle Baby’s stomach pains with over-the-counter drugs at that time.

“So like akakaa 2020 ikiisha na uko November/December akaanza kuumwa but sasa inamuumia kwa umbali tumbo. So sisi tunabuy tu dawa za kawaida tukidhania ni ile tu stomach ache ya kawaida,” she said.

His condition got worse in 2022 and he required hospitalization as he started vomiting, experiencing seizures and ultimately passed out in April 2022.

Katrue said thathe was taken to the hospital and after a scan, they were informed that the growth in his intestines was back, which needed surgery.

“So Thursday ndo alikua worst, akaanza kutetemeka, kutapika na akazima kabisaa. So tukampeleka Uhai Neema ka ako unconscious – hio hospitali iko along Thika Road. So kumpeleka akafanyiwa X-ray, akafanyiwa scan wakasema ako na growth ingine bado kwa intestines. Wakaturefer Nazareth. So kuenda Nazareth kufika wakaanza kusema ohh lazima aende operation ingine, the same same operation na ya last time ilikua imetumia 300k. Na wanasema ni the same same problem,” she said.

Katrue said  that experts at a hospital in Naivasha said Miracle Baby didn’t have growth but that his intestines had just twisted a bit and as such he was put on medication.

Ya last time ilikua growth but sahi obstruction ilikua ya intestines si actually like growth. Tulikua tumeambiwa ni growth hospitali yenye tulikua tumeenda ya kwanza but sasa venye tulienda hii hospitali ingine ya Lakeview iko Naivasha tukaambiwa sio growth, ni kitu anaweza patiwa dawa. Ni intestines tu zilikua zimejikunja kiasi na saa still kuna hizo vitu zimeblock,” carol recalled.

Singer Miracle Baby got better after the medication but in January 2024 his intestines ruptured and had to undergo surgery again, followed by several other proposed surgeries.

Comedian Eric Omondi on Friday 23 conducted a fundraising session dubbed ‘Sisi kwa sisi’ which saw the clearance if Ksh 1.4 million hospital bill for the musician who has been in hospital for two months.

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