Reggae Mc Fyah Mummah Jahmby Koikai Dies

Mary Jahmby Koikai, also known as Fyah Mummah, passed away in hospital after a prolonged and painful battle with endometriosis.

Koikai died at the Nairobi hospital on Monday at around 9 pm. “She was at the ICU unit when she passed away,” a source at the hospital told The Star.

Her death was confirmed by friends and family, marking the end of a valiant struggle against a debilitating condition that had severely impacted her health and quality of life.

The endometriosis chronic condition, which has been disturbing her for years led to her lungs collapsing every month, as a result undergoing more than 20 surgeries.

Jahmby Koikai in a critical condition in hospital.

Despite these challenges, she remained a vibrant and inspiring presence, using her platform to raise awareness about the disease and advocate for better healthcare for women suffering from similar conditions.

Two weeks before her death, Jahmby was admitted to the hospital, where she publicly appealed for assistance to manage her deteriorating health, including blood donation.

According to reports, the disease had spread extensively, affecting her teeth, heart, appendix, and spine, causing a significant shift in her organs to the left.

Reggae fans, politicians and friends have expressed tributes to the fallen heroine who not only touched lives through music, but also through wisdom.

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