Femi One Denies That Popular Akorino Singer Hezeh Ndung’u Is Her Father

Kenyan Rapper Femi One, originaly known as Wanjiku Kimani has disowned perceptions that Renowned Kikuyu Akorino Singer Hezeh Ndung’u is her father.

Rapper Femi One. PHOTO: CURTESY

After a photo of the two together, surfaced on social media, rumours of Femi being Ndung’u’s daughter started.

Netizens however would make fun of the situation, some wondering how Femi One became a secular artist yet Hezeh Ndung’u has a strict religious background.

Singer Hezeh Ndung’u. PHOTO: CURTESY

In a recent interview with mic cheque podcast, Femi One said it is still a mystery how the story came to be and many have taken it to be true.

The Rapper said she is not related to the Akorino singer in any way and it still surprises her how people can create a story and run with it.

She added that her late father’s name was Peter Kimani and he passed away a while ago.

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