“Enough Is Enough”, Georgina Njenga Warns Critics Of Her Viral Steamy Video

Baha’s Girlfriend Georgina Njenga is now urging her critics to stop minding about a leaked video which she is seen dancing while naked.

Georgina Njenga/ Image: Georgina Njenga (twitter)

In her posts on twitter, Georgina urgues that her fans are mature, therefore they should not be shocked by the video

“Mnashtuka nn na nyi ni watu wazima”, Georgina tweeted.

Georgina Njenga / Image: Georgina Njenga (twitter)

In another tweet, she takes the opportunity to explain her innocence during the time when the video was recorded.

“Enough is enough bana, I was young and Stupid”, Georgina wrote.


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