Zuchu’s Message Against Diamond Raises Eyebrows After Releasing Song

Tanzanian singer Zuhura Othman, also known as Zuchu on Saturday scared her fans after she declared that she is single, and further warned anyone from tagging her on Diamond Platnumz social media posts.

The Singer released the information via Snapchat.

“Don’t tag me in his bullshit. I am single for now going forward. Thank you,” the Kwikwi hitmaker announced.

She also went to her Instagram account and deleted all the photos with Diamond, including the ones she had recently shared barely a day after Valentines day.

In the Valentine’s photos, Diamond and Zuchu seemed to be enjoying each other’s company, with  Diamond’s elder sister Esma  reffering to  Zuchu as the bride while his cousin Romy Jones wished them a blessed marriage in the comments section.

Zuchu has however confused  her fans after dropping a new music video titled Kiss featuring Innos B, shortly after posting the hate message.

The controversial movevhas prompted a section of her fans to scold her for ignoring their advice on dating Diamond as others believe that the break-up claim was part of a clout chasing plot to promote the new song.

Some pitied her on claims that Diamond is still her  boss, and they will have to interact whether she likes it or not.


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